It's Days like these that...

I am especially thankful for my dh and his family. My parents live far away and with gas prices as they are, it's hard visiting with my brother and his family. So, my dh and I went to church this morning and heard a good message and then we came home and had a nice dinner with his parents, brother and his wife, and his uncle, and have been visiting since 2 this afternoon. Good laughs, relaxed atmosphere, and just a nice day all around. I miss my parents and family a ton, but it makes it easier having dh's around.

My dh is a wonderful father and husband and I am blessed to have been married to him these last nearly fourteen years, with many more to come. He loves his children, he teaches his children, he plays with his children. I could not have asked for anything more. I will never regret marrying him and having his children. Ever.

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