My Orchestra

"An orchestra requires men with different talents and, within limits, different tastes; if all men insisted upon playing the trombone, orchestral music would be impossible. Social co-operation, in like manner, requires differences of taste and aptitude, which are less likely to exist if all children are exposed to the same influences than if parental differences are allowed to affect them." -Bertrand Russell

I imagine my children in a life orchestra. One might play the violin, the other the trombone, and perhaps my youngest, the loudest instrument she can find. Their instruments would have to fit their personality to a "t." My oldest is quiet and reserved and absolutely brilliant. He has technique but wouldn't want to flaunt it, so he'd not agree to solo parts, I don't think. But then again, if he had his choice, I think it would be guitar (still quiet and tame enough) or drums (loud, but he can hide behind them). Do those even exist within an orchestra? My middle is artistic and loves to make people smile and be happy. She likes the attention, too. She carries all she can on her even when she doesn't have to. Her personality is big, so would be her instrument. My youngest , oh, loving but destructive daughter! What can she play and beat up endlessly? Perhaps back to the drums, but she wouldn't want to hide. She likes being THERE in your face. But she is also very sensetive and hates criticism. Mmmmm. Yes! I've got it! The gong! It's probably not orchestra material, but probably neither is my Elora. She's got the gong in her, me thinks!

I really don't care what instrument my children end up playing, if they even ever play one. I'd like for each of them to get some sort of musical training and see if they like it. Musical talent runs through the family (although it's skipped me entirely!) and I think they each have the potential to play something and if they like it, there's their opportunity!

My point is, in posting this is, I want to give them each, according to their personalities and learning styles, the chance to thrive. I don't think I began homeschooling them for any ol' reason. And I don't think it was an accident that we started doing so when my middle had to have heart surgery that Fall. I believe God gave us this and we ought to make good use of it. My children, for as long as we have the right, get to learn at their own pace and thrive in the areas they love and hold firm to. They are their own orchestra!
I found this quiz that asks you questions that might assign you your instrument. I thought it was interesting. Only you know you, as well as only you know your child(ren), so I wouldn't put this quiz to heart. But it's interesting, nonetheless.Btw, if I had the music talent, according to this quiz, I'd be the guitarist. Makes some sense.

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