The Revamp

Ok so obviously I have been a very absent blogger. If it were a class, I'd have failed. Big time. My idea is to get myself back into the writing habit. So I figured I'd start by revamping it.
I love quotes and thinking about what the author is saying. And I like to oftentimes, comment on them or use them to make a point. So in some way or other, in each of my blogs from here on out, you will find a quote. I'd love for your interpretations, your thoughts, your comments. Help me get this going and flowing. They might be about schooling (homeschooling or public), they might be from a favorite book, they may even be controversial (one side or the other on the political spectrum). And of course, if you find a quote you'd like for me to blog about, send it my way, either in a comment, in an email, or on my facebook page. I'd love to give it a go. I might have to read and re-read it...maybe even research it. But I will try as soon as possible to give a response.
I started this revamping by renaming it and giving it a quote description. But I am not so sure I like it...not sure if it's bold enough. So if you have any ideas to make it jump out, please let me know! I do however, want to use the quote I have as the description if I can....or any C.S. Lewis quote that qualifies.
Thanks so much for taking a gander. I hope to be "seeing" you on here!

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